About Us

About Us

Savaria-Dent Dental Aid Manufacturing and Trading Ltd. was founded in 1990. The headquarters are in Szombathely, but we also have sites in Budapest as well.

Our basic activities are all related to orthodontics. We export the most of our own-manufactured products, which, after further trade get to all corners of the world.

Our enterprise now has 46 employees, and we extend our productive capacity and sales network by outside workers, inland and foreign partner firms.

The company Savaria-Dent has operated according to the principles set in the ISO 13485 standards for 15 years. We have been authorized for more than 10 years to use the CE marking on the II. a Class products we have manufactured.

Our basic principle is "open thinking" - according to which we strive to react to each new researches in orthodontics, but we ourselves also try to contribute to the progression of the profession and to grow our firm’s trade extent and recognition in the market by developing new things.

Our main activities::

  • Trade of materials connected to orthodontics. We provide continuous supply of the orthodontic materials of the Japan-based company Tomy from our stocks, but we also have the products of other manufacturers in our range.
  • We operate an orthodontic laboratory which has made only orthodontic appliances, and employs 8 persons at the moment. We are contracted partners with the Hungarian Health Care Insurance. We endeavor to continuously supply doctors and patients with better devices, by improving laboratory technologies, training employees, the restriction of quality control, and the application of new treatment methods. We get lots of help with this from doctors cooperating with us - who mostly accept us as their partners, which is also an advantage for children being treated.
  • Our manufacturing division has been operating since the foundation of the firm, as we originally had started the company to produce spring-like elements and stitched extra-oral supports used in orthodontics. By the widening of the scale of products this division has been continuously growing. Recently this growth has meant mainly the own-developed products, of which the following are the significant ones:
    • ElectroDont (2001, electrically heated typodont serving educational aims)
    • Mouth Light (2003, a lighting device for oral photographing)
    • TMJ registration device (2005, the diagnosis of the location of joint in maximal intercuspidation position)
    • Production of orthodontic pliers (2008)
    • Palatal devices, expansion arches, S-Garian system

Other activities of service:

  • Organization of accredited training courses - during which we try to organize theoretical and practical courses about topics which doctors are interested in, with the contribution of well-prepared lecturers.
  • We try to participate in the development of photography and cephalometric programs to help treatment-planning and make documentation easier.
  • At our headquarters we provide practical consultations for both doctors and their assistants  in matters of orthodontics and technologies developed by us.
  • The technological background and equipment of our manufacturing division makes it possible that we are able to realize most of the inventions that doctors think of. As we have the motto "open thinking", we gladly take such challenges.